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A marketing audit

Suitable for small- and mid-size organizations.

Lodestone will help you find out if your organization’s marketing materials, tactics and delivery are up to the challenge of attracting and maintaining customers. It confirms your material’s strengths, and uncovers its weaknesses.

Lodestone provides in-depth answers to the following:

Are your materials suited for your target market?
  • Your target won’t pay attention to materials that don’t appeal to them.
Do your marketing materials address your customer’s self-interest or yours?
  • If you don’t make the benefits clear, people won’t make the effort to figure them out.
What is your marketing material’s readability level?
  • If the reading level is inappropriate, your target won’t read it.
Is the design of your marketing materials appropriate?
  • To work, design must appeal to your target.
Do your materials help or hinder your company’s image?
  • There must be coherence throughout your marketing or its effectiveness will be reduced.
Are you spending too much on marketing materials?
  • Know when you’re getting your money’s worth.
Do all your materials combine to form a cohesive marketing approach?
  • Inconsistent marketing undermines your credibility in your target’s mind.
Unsure about any of the above?

You may be in need of the Lodestone marketing audit.

Lodestone could save you thousands of dollars in misdirected marketing investment, and put you on track to increased sales now. With the insight gained from Lodestone, you’ll be sure your future marketing investments are well spent.

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Note to U.S. visitors: the "Lodestone" service is not offered in the U.S. No claim of U.S. trademark rights is made with regard to use of the "Lodestone" name in connection with these services. Capstone Communications Group is not affiliated in any way with Lodestone Research, LLC, a provider of market research services in the U.S.

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