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If you send out an electronic newsletter, do you realise it might end up being tossed out by your subscriber's spam filter?

More and more of your newsletters are being filtered out and trashed by the spam filters being deployed by an increasing number of ISPs. That's your hard work being tossed into the trash.

Now there's a way to test if your newsletter is acceptable or not. It's called SpamCheck. To use it, you simply paste your newsletter into an e-mail, as usual, using the same subject line you would normally use, and send it to a special address.

The only difference is, you use TEST as the first word of your subject line. It must be in all capital letters, TEST. If you don't do this, you will not get a report.

Then send the newsletter to and a report will be back to you in minutes.

By the way, this is FREE! There's no charge to use SpamCheck, although the report will contain advertising, it's a small price to pay for knowing your newsletters are acceptable.

Not only will the report give you a rating, SpamCheck also tells you how to improve your rating. It's an amazing tool for anyone marketing by electronic newsletter.

If you'd like to receive more powerful, timely marketing advice, click here to find out about Thrive-on-Line, Capstone's free marketing advice newsletter.

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